Friday, June 22, 2012

Peanut Butter Cookies

I finally baked again! 
 It's been a while and I plan on baking more often now that school is out. 
Earlier this week I got together with a friend who is expecting a baby in September. 
 As a treat I baked her peanut butter cookies. 
 I looked around for different recipes and a found one.  
 I enjoyed making them! 
Go to this link to get the recipe I used --> Peanut butter cookie 
The only thing I would change is I would probably add more Peanut butter...
 Instead of 1/2 cup I would use put at least 3/4 cup- 1 cup. 
 I love peanut butter!
I probably would have chilled the dough for longer. 
 I had no idea I was suppose to chill the dough until I started making the cookies. 
 It called for 3 hours of chilling and  I did not have that much time to allow it to chill. 
I allowed it to chill for about 1and 1/2 hours. 
In between baking I put the dough in the freezer for 9 minutes. 
I am not sure if that effected the dough but it did chill it really quickly! 
I believe that this calls for some more experimenting until I get it just right! 
 Any suggestions? 

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  1. Hm, what are you looking for in a PB cookie? Soft and pillowy or more-so crisp and full of 'snap'? Refrigerating and a high sugar content generally helps with more crispness while refrigeration/rest and a basic sugar content help with letting the keep soft as well with the fattyness of the peanut butter.

    Also, are you plopping spoonfuls of dough onto the baking sheet or are you making slices? You want to make dough balls with the peanut butter dough and lightly criss-cross - enough to flatten but enough to allow them to rise and soften. They're especially good with raw sugar on top.

    ^^ I hope that helps!